Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Year of the Dragon

If you follow Chinese astrology, you probably know what the coolest sign is (big hint: I am a dragon!)

And guess what, 2012 happens to be the year of the dragon. The real new year's day was January 23. But London has its own set of traditions - new year is celebrated on the first sunday that follows. So early sunday morning, this student headed out to Trafalgar Square. The day started with a parade that went right into the heart of Chinatown. Back into Trafalgar Square, we went through a rather boring set of speeches followed by a rather interesting cultural show - dragons and tigers and dancers galore.

Over in Chinatown, they had their own set of celebrations going with food stalls and restaurant specials and people out celebrating. All in all, a fun sunday out.

Like everything, a picture tells the best story. So here are some snapshots from the day:


  1. Looks like u r having loadz of fun there :D

  2. Yes -- loads of fun and, from what else I hear, loads of work! Balance, balance. And lots of it! Love the pictures.