Sunday, April 29, 2012


It's been a month and a half since I was here last. And I've certainly missed being on the blog, chatting about life in London. So you must be wondering where I vanished!

Well, first, there were exams. And as a professor pointed out, it was a long time since I last wrote one. All those assignments were surely a lot more work and tons more pressure than I expected. Just the day I got those done, I flew off to India for a three week vacation.

Got back last week and straight into an intense course and another exam. They certainly make us work hard out here! I mean, if you thought student life was all fun and partying and enjoying London, the last month or so wasn't.

Finally, when there was time to relax and roam around what should be springtime in London, it started to rain. And it's just been raining last three days. It must be unexpected because all those people who organize shows and fairs in London spring didn't know this could happen. There is so much happening this weekend that if I were not sitting at home all day waiting for rain to stop, I could have been doing any of the following:

1. Enjoy cheese and wine festival at Southbank Center

2. Pop into the coffee festival at Brick Lane

3. Go far into East London for the Cake festival.

All of these are on tomorrow as well so there's still a chance I'd make it if its sunny (or a little less rainy) tomorrow. Either way, the London adventures are back again so stay tuned!