Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Definitive Guide to Student Discounts

Everyone knows that we students are eternally short of money. For most students, it's the first time living away from home. And even for the more experienced among us, this is the time with no job, large fee payments and a rather hectic social life. Fortunately, governments and businesses in London understand this and come up with student discounts.

I've had my share of positive surprises but this slew of student offers was completely unexpected. And I must say I am still getting used to the idea of asking restaurants and cinemas if they have a student discount. So I thought I'd get this list going. It's certainly not a definitive list (despite what the title claims). But I will keep on adding to it as I discover new areas to save money.

Here's what I have so far:

If you travel by tube or bus a lot, get a student oyster card. You need to go to to pay a 10 pound fee and apply online for this card. They check back with your school/university and mail you the card. I got mine within a week. Savings: 30% on all travelcards. So now I buy a monthly travelcard and save a cool 30%.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen - 40% off.
Yo Sushi - 25% off

London Walks: This is my favorite way to see London and I now only pay 6 pounds instead of 8 pounds. Day trips (that's when they take you out of London for a whole day) have a 2 pound discount as well.

Most cinemas have student discounts but they vary based on the show and the type of ticket so you just have to ask.

Apple - Around 10-15% off (but only on computers, not on iPads!)
Top Shop, BHS, Wallis and pretty much every fashion store (just ask!) - 10% off
Accessorise - 10% off

Other Misc Stuff
Vodafone - 10% off on monthly rental

And this is just what I've discovered in a month. I know there's a lot more I can get once I get an NUS card (a national student ID) so I'd try that and let you know in a few weeks. In the meantime, do write in if you know of any London student discounts I missed!

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  1. Am so enjoying your student blog! This one made me smile a bit, as I remembered the very nice perk when I became a senior citizen and got discounts. As always, I wish you well in all you do.