Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Sun is Shining

Wind back just three days. It was cold and windy, people were huddled in coats and long boots, finding solace in the nearest coffee shops.

A day later, the world became sunny. It's been two days of absolutely glorious weather. In fact, it was almost too hot today.

Because London gets so few days like these, people get a little crazy around here when sunny days show up. I don't quite know how they managed but the very first day of summer, every girl was dressed in the shortest dress or the skimpiest skirt possible. And there were more guys wearing shorts than you would see at the peak of an Indian summer.

And it's not just a wardrobe change. At school, the gardens are overflowing with people. In pubs, beer drinkers are spilling out into the roads. I can guarantee that absolutely no work got done last two days.

Before I came to live here, I've never understood the British obsession with weather. But several months of cold weather later, I can certainly see what the brouhaha is all about!

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