Saturday, March 10, 2012

Harry Potter Dinner

An hour after leaving London's King Cross station, the train rolled into Cambridge. Harry's first stop in the enchanted city was the Fitzwilliam Museum. It's not a very big museum this one, but it had most of Harry's favorite painters. Specially the impressionists. Even if the Monet they had were not the water lilies and the Degas paintings were not ballet dancers, the brush strokes had him bewitched.

Next, it was time to walk across the famous streets of Cambridge. Harry had a friend with him who could take him past all the barriers. They walked into the King's college where hundreds of years of scholars have made their mark. Next stop was Trinity College, another brush with history. Harry's friend stopped for a butterbeer at  the pub where DNA was invented. Next, they walked to the wooden bridge at Queen's College. A wise wizard told them that the bridge was built by Sir Isaac Newton and he found a way to construct it without any nuts and bolts. Harry believed the wizard at first but then he put his special glasses on and figured the wizard was in fact one of the Weasley brothers pulling a prank. The bridge, although designed using mathematical principles, did in fact have nuts and bolts.

Just as Harry finished looking at the bridge, the bells tolled 7 pm and it was time for dinner. Harry and his friends made their way back to Hogwarts. The massive doors opened to reveal an enchanted castle. It was hundreds of years old and full of mysterious turrets and chimeys and staircases. It was also very, very pretty. All the wizards were now making their way to the dining hall.

Chandeliers hung on the high, high ceiling illuminating a beautiful room. The walls were wooden, but at some point, the wood work got overtaken by pink and green pattern that rose to the ceiling. Students sat chattering at the three long tables and Harry found his place at one of them. At the end of the room was a table where all the senior wizards dined.

Suddenly there was a hush in the room and Professor Dumbledore stood up to say grace in Latin. Harry could not understand all that was said but he could feel the weight of history around him. As the headmaster sat down, elves magically appeared carrying the first course. There was peas and cheese risotto, followed by croquettes and broccoli. Harry doesn't like brocolli so the elves brought him his favorite dessert to cheer him up - a lemon posset with berries.

Coffee came next, with chocolates and all too soon the dinner was over. Harry said goodbye to his new friends and made his way to Cambridge station, to return to King's Cross.

PS: The names are fictional but this is in fact a factual recount of a magical dinner I had at Cambridge recently. Hogwarts, in this case, is Corpus Christi College. 


  1. Cheers resounding! I could see it all! Thanks for taking the time to share your adventures with us.